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Google, VW Partner For Quantum Computing Initiatives

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Google, VW Partner For Quantum Computing Initiatives Google, VW Partner For Quantum Computing Initiatives

Google, VW Partner For Quantum Computing Initiatives

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Google Kooperation . . . what does that even mean" Did I read that right" I mean, it is early in the morning. It’s only 11:36 (ah, the writers life), but I am reading a press release from Volkswagen and Google or . . . oh wait, I see. It’s a partnership deal between the two industrial/tech giants to apply quantum computing to cars. And not just how cars are built, but how they operate. Google Kooperation. Makes total sense now.
Okay, so what we basically have here is Google, at the behest of Volkswagen, turning the power of quantum computing on to various problems faced by any car maker. Quantum computing is a fairly new thing, and although portends to be radically different and more powerful than conventional computing, is relatively easy to understand.
The Matrix
Regular computing is based on a fairly simple principle: Differentiation. Computers work on differentiating between two states: Is it on or off; is it a one or zero. This binary state, although seemingly limited at first glance, can do amazing things if you have a simple adding machine (a difference engine) do them really quickly. Calculating with only ones and zeros allows you to do things like take high-definition photos, send them wirelessly to a social media site, and then make a voice-to-voice phone call, all using the same machine that fits in the palm of your hand. You can also do more prosaic stuff with binary computers, like slingshot space probes through the rings of Saturn with millimeter accuracy.
Quantum computing, on the other hand, does away with this simple either/or, one/zero, on/off way of looking at things. A quantum computer may adopt the states of zero, one, or, and this is the very cool part, a mixture of the two states simultaneously on the basis of the laws of quantum mechanics. Therefore, the computing power you used to have stepping from a zero to a one has now risen exponentially, since a quantum computer can carry out each calculation step with all states at the same time. Quantum computers are not superior to classical computers for all problems. They are very much superior when using algorithms to solve some complex problems. Complex problems like pharmacology research, information loading, self-driving cars, and really interesting stuff like learning about and exploiting traffic flow in dense urban environments.
“Quantum computing technology opens up new dimensions and represents the fast-track for future-oriented topics. We at Volkswagen want to be among the first to use quantum computing for corporate processes as soon as this technology is commercially available,” explained Martin Hofmann, Chief Information Officer, Volkswagen Group. “Thanks to our cooperation with Google, we have taken a major step towards this goal.” Photo: Volkswagen of America, Inc.
Real-World Applications
So, VW has partnered with Google to turn the power of quantum computing i...


Source of news: automoblog
Source of publication: 14-11-2017 21:38
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