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Make Your New CB1100 Look Like a Classic CB750 with This Ki

A few years ago I wrote about a motorcycle that looked just like a CB750, except it wasn\'t, it was a new Honda CB1100 fitted with a CB1100 Four K10 k...
24-01-2018 21:49

Yamaha Ultra Precision Papercraft Models Will Challenge Your

The first time we saw Yamaha papercraft models on The Kneeslider was way back in 2005. They were impressive then, but not new, these print, cut and as...
03-11-2017 21:53

1948 Harley Davidson Panhead Resto Mod

Purists are a hard group to please, this bike will send them running, but unless you look closely, all you\'ll see is a perfectly restored 1948 Harley...
01-11-2017 21:59

Rungu Juggernaut 3 Wheel Electric Reverse Trike Leans with a

There are so many new electric bicycles coming out it\'s hard to keep up, but this one is different with the addition of twin front tires on a bike th...
30-10-2017 21:56

Russell Sutton’s 14 Cylinder Yamaha XV Radial Engine M

New visitors stopping by The Kneeslider recently may not have seen Russell Sutton\'s radial engine project before. He\'s been working on it in his she...
29-10-2017 21:55

1959 Norton Norfield Cafe Racer

Noticed this for sale the other day and I don\'t remember seeing one like it before, it\'s a 1959 Norton Wide Line feather bed frame with a 1964 Royal...
27-10-2017 21:50

Yamaha Niken Means Leaning 3 Wheelers May Just Hit the Big T

Two years ago we wrote about the Yamaha MWT-9, a sport bike with two wheels up front, it looked mean and nasty, in a good way. At that time, leaning 3...
25-10-2017 21:51

Ural Baikal – Another Motorcycle for the Unimog and La

Ural has just introduced the Ural Baikal, named after a frozen Russian lake that hosts a semi-annual 400 mile Ice Run. Just think, riding through drif...
23-10-2017 21:52

Making Changes at The Kneeslider

It should be no surprise to anyone that internet publishing is changing a lot. We\'ve seen a huge consolidation among magazines and websites, not just...
21-10-2017 21:53

Twin Turbo 4 Liter BMW V8 Powered Proboost M1

You can build a motorcycle for a lot of reasons, sometimes there’s a theme or style like a cafe racer or maybe a street tracker, but other times a b...
18-10-2017 21:52

Excelsior Henderson Joins the Parade of Old Brand Names Look

The upcoming January Mecum motorcycle auction in Las Vegas has a really wonderful line up of bikes for sale (Really, you should check it out!), but th...
12-10-2017 21:55

Neander Turbo Diesel Finds a Home on the Water as the Dtorqu

Way back in 2006 and 2007 we wrote about the Neander turbo diesel engine and the motorcycle built around it. The engine’s design was unique due to i...
10-10-2017 21:51

ProtoMAX High Performance Personal Abrasive Waterjet From OM

When you’re coming up with the tool list for your dream shop, you’ll probably include a waterjet. I know I would, and you likely remember when we ...
07-10-2017 21:49

Public Auction of J&P Cycles Founder John Parham Barn F

John Parham, founder of J&P Cycles, passed away early this year and his family is auctioning off personal items he had been collecting for quite some ...
06-10-2017 21:51

Autonomous Electric Vehicles Will Be Here Gradually, Then Su

It\'s becoming more apparent every day, the motorcycle parked in your garage is nothing more than a fossil fuel recreational vehicle, along with the i...
05-10-2017 21:49

1980 Egli Turbo Kawasaki Offered for Sale

In a world of constant internet auctions, where everything is available for sale, where rarity itself is, well, rare, a few motorcycles still hide awa...
04-10-2017 21:56

CrossHelmet – the Next Generation Smart Motorcycle Hel

Technology is racing ahead and like the smartphone, where multiple functions have been combined into one device, motorcycle helmets are becoming the p...
03-10-2017 21:52

Universal Reversing Gearbox for Motorcycle Engine Powered Ca

If you\'re building a motorcycle engine powered car, the one thing you\'ll have to figure out is how to put the car in reverse. Quite a few years ago,...
02-10-2017 21:53

Vespa Scooters Re-imagined

What happens when a scooter designer dreams" After all, one scooter from year to year doesn\'t change much, but suppose one night, the designers, mayb...
01-10-2017 21:56

Inception Drive – Compact Infinitely Variable Transmis

The Inception Drive, just invented by SRI International, is an extremely compact, infinitely variable transmission developed for robotics, but which c...
01-10-2017 21:56

Low Cost LED Garage Lighting

We talked about LED lights in the garage before, from some pretty expensive fixtures that might not make sense to the LED lighting I installed when I ...
23-06-2017 21:52

Motorhead 2.0 ? Working in the Garage is Cool Again

The lights almost went out Motorheads start young. Sure, someone over 30 or even 40 can develop an interest in cars and high performance and begin wor...
20-06-2017 21:52

MotoGadget M-Unit Electrical System Control for Motorcycles

Technology is accelerating and we\'re finding a lot of it making its way into motorcycles. Cars have been ahead in this technology race for quite a wh...
12-06-2017 21:47

Building Your Own Battery Packs for Your DIY Electric Vehicl

A couple of readers of our post about the home built electric trike commented about the batteries. As I noted in the post, that particular build was c...
09-06-2017 21:51

Electric Reverse Trike Offers Custom Builders Another Option

This home built electric reverse trike (electrike") showed up for sale and at first I passed it right by, but then I stopped, thought about it for a b...
08-06-2017 21:45

Honda RCB1100R Concept by Oberdan Bezzi Creates Retro RC30 L

It\'s been a long while since we looked over the designs from Oberdan Bezzi and unsurprisingly, there are lots of creative ideas we\'ve missed. He has...
04-06-2017 21:48

Motorscan Smartphone Diagnostics for Your Harley Davidson

It\'s no secret, motorcycles, like every other kind of vehicle, are getting a lot more complex. The engine, the ABS braking system, those big touring ...
03-06-2017 21:46

Wrench, Ride or Race"

A recent post here touched on the idea that riding time was fast disappearing, as work, for many of us, encroaches on formerly free time with smart ph...
01-06-2017 21:51

How To Drive and Steer the Same Wheel in a Two Wheel Steerin

Last summer we showed the latest version of Bob Horn\'s recumbent racer with two wheel steering. If you\'re new here, Bob\'s race bike is his own desi...
30-05-2017 21:49

Erik Buell Racing Motorcycles Factory Liquidation

This time it looks like Buell is really done for good. Erik Buell Racing Motorcycles factory liquidation starts June 7th and everything is up for sale...
25-05-2017 21:52

MadBoxer Brings Kickboxer Subaru WRX CAD Concept to Life

It all started years ago, in 2009, when we featured a series of Solidworks CAD drawings by Ian McElroy for a concept motorcycle called ?Kickboxer.? Th...
25-05-2017 21:52

Builders Have to Build So Why Not a Custom Lawnmower"

There\'s a builder over at the Old Mini Bikes forum, goes by the name Jeep2003, and he just decided one day to build something cool, a mini custom sty...
17-05-2017 21:52

A Meticulous Restoration Sparks Thoughts of the Big Project

Browsing the motorcycles for sale listings I spotted this 1968 Suzuki T500 Cobra, a nice vintage 2 stroke, but the condition of the bike is far beyond...
14-05-2017 21:53

Time Clock Jobs and the Disappearance of Riding Time

When is the last time you punched a clock" Go to work, punch in, work is done, punch out. Fifty years ago it was still common practice, today, not so ...
11-05-2017 21:53

BMW K100 Custom – A Gentleman’s Express by Alex

Alex Zemlin has been on The Kneeslider twice before with his Honda CB 1.5 and then again with his VTR 1000 Super Hawk GT. In both instances, his work ...
07-05-2017 21:47

Design and Build a Two Stroke Engine with No Machine Shop&qu

If you’re one of those people that loves to learn, you’ll simply learn, all the time at every opportunity. If you keep learning long enough, soone...
03-05-2017 21:53

Chris Barber’s Maserati V6 Motorcycle Project is Under

It was almost four years ago when I first wrote about the beginnings of Chris Barber’s Maserati V6 project. I hadn’t heard much about it since, bu...
29-04-2017 21:52

Russell Sutton’s 14 Cylinder XV Radial Engine Project

While I took some time away, it was obvious a lot of work was still going on elsewhere and, case in point, is our friend, Russell Sutton. His 14 cylin...
27-04-2017 21:49

Signs of Life at The Kneeslider

Yes, it’s been awhile, but sometimes the best thing to do is step away. Sitting down at the keyboard, I too often found myself wondering what I coul...
25-04-2017 21:54

Robert M. Pirsig Has Passed Away

It’s been a very long time since I read Zen And The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The author, Robert Pirsig, rode his ...
25-04-2017 21:54

Erik Buell Motorcycles Winding Down

This story is getting to be a little repetitious. EBR Motorcycles is shutting down over the next weeks and months, followed by a parts sale in March. ...
27-01-2017 21:49

NexD1 Multi-Material 3D Printer Even Prints Electronic Circu

The world of the microfactory is fast approaching, you might even say, it’s already here. I’ve been promoting the idea of creating, building and j...
13-12-2016 21:42

Russell Sutton’s 14 Cylinder Radial Engine Gets a Prop

Work is progressing nicely on Russell Sutton’s 14 cylinder radial engine, but while he was out in the shop, he thought he would mount the 3 blade pr...
31-10-2016 21:45

AMD World Championship Class Winners and Photos for 2016

The results are in for the 12th AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building and Suicide Customs of Japan takes the win for their entry, Rumble Race...
09-10-2016 21:57

You Need the Wazer Desktop Waterjet Cutter in Your Shop

Take one look at the Wazer Waterjet and, if you’re a builder, you’ll understand why I think it’s just about the best Kickstarter project ever. T...
14-09-2016 21:44

Exclusive First Look at Yamaha Based 14 Cylinder Radial Engi

Mention radial engines around The Kneeslider and the first name that comes to mind is Russell Sutton. As many of you already know, he’s the engine b...
12-09-2016 21:46

Bob Horn’s Recumbent Racer Returns With Two Wheel Stee

When we last left Bob Horn and his recumbent racer, he had just had a rather unfortunate accident running off track leading to an extended recovery. N...
30-08-2016 21:42

Official Rollout of the Milwaukee Eight Engine From Harley D

It’s official, Harley Davidson has introduced their next big twin engine family, the Milwaukee Eight. It comes in two displacements, 107 and 114 cub...
23-08-2016 21:43

1983 Dnepr From Basket Case to Fascinating Custom by Robert

We first wrote about this bike six years ago. Doctor Robert Harms bought a 1983 Dnepr Neval (Neval, I believe, is a UK variant of the Dnepr, though so...
25-07-2016 21:42

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