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A Belated Note on Robert Q Riley of Trimuter and Tri-Magnum

After writing about Pete Larsen’s new Honda Gold Wing powered Ace, it crossed my mind that another fellow, Robert Q. Riley, had been promoting DIY p...
15-03-2022 21:46

Triumph TE-1 Prototype Electric Motorcycle Ready for Road an

Almost one year ago, Triumph revealed their electric TE-1 design as a series of concept drawings. They’ve now completed their prototype and it’s r...
08-02-2022 21:46

What Everybody Ought to Know About Our Rapidly Changing Moto

If you visit this website, you probably know more about motor vehicle powertrains than most people, but unless you’re actively involved in their dev...
23-01-2022 21:43

Beautifully Restored 1971 Dunstall Norton Commando

After the story the other day about the newly reborn Norton with their all new V4 sport bikes, you might want to see a wonderful example of what Norto...
22-01-2022 21:43

Building a Steam Trike From Recycled Parts

If you have a pile of old motorcycle parts, some tubing, an old steel drum, the seat from a junk car, you might think it’s time to get it all hauled...
18-01-2022 21:48

Salt Motorcycle Company is Building Two Stroke Road Bikes in

Have you ever looked at a two stroke off road bike and thought, you know, with a few changes, that would be pretty sweet on the road" After all, some ...
18-01-2022 21:48

Norton Motorcycles Gets Serious with a New Factory, Superbik

Another British marque is stirring again with new life. Norton Motorcycles, which has been struggling is now owned by TVS Motors of India and they’v...
16-01-2022 21:42

How Much Technology Do You Need to be Happy With Your Motorc

New cars long ago passed the point of tech necessity with so many interrelated systems on board, it?s becoming impossible to work on them yourself or,...
13-01-2022 21:44

Would You Swap Your Internal Combustion Engine for an Electr

Crate engines are common in the auto world, giving rebuilders and restorers an easy way to replace a tired or blown engine with something new and more...
12-01-2022 22:22

Dennis Franz Builds a V8 Motorcycle with a Glorious Soundtra

We first wrote about Dennis Franz way back in 2010 and again in 2013. His V8 engines were amazing little builds, but he’s come a long way since then...
10-01-2022 21:49

Like the Electra Glide Revival But Prefer an Original"

Last year, Harley Davidson introduced their Icons Collection with the 2021 Electra Glide Revival, a modern recreation of the 1969 model and it’s a b...
09-01-2022 21:42

Engrich ART Motorcycle with a Fully Balanced 360 Degree Para

Here is another example of superb engineering from the land of the Kiwi, it’s the Engrich ART (Appel Richardson Twin) motorcycle, powered by a fully...
08-01-2022 22:12

White Motorcycle Concepts Puts a Hole in Conventional Aerody

You’re familiar with the idea of the electric skateboard chassis used for electric cars where the batteries and motors and everything else are down ...
07-01-2022 21:45

Omega 1 Internal Combustion Engine is Light, Powerful, Effic

The Omega 1 from Astron Aerospace is a brand new internal combustion engine concept and I really mean brand new. When I first looked at the images, I ...
06-01-2022 21:43

Did This Guy Really Build This Motorcycle From a Citroen 2CV

It’s an (almost") unbelievable story of ingenuity, of a man, Emile Leray, stranded in the Moroccan desert when his Citroen 2CV became disabled after...
05-01-2022 21:57

Nmoto Golden Age Transforms a BMW Scooter Into an Art Deco C

Back in the 1930s, Orley Ray Courtney added some gorgeous bodywork to a Henderson KJ and created the rather sensuous Henderson Streamline. Whether or ...
04-01-2022 21:51

Royal Enfield Offers a Great Foundation for Custom Motorcycl

While Royal Enfield continues to grow in popularity, and rightfully so, if you haven’t checked them out lately, you may have missed the real interes...
03-01-2022 21:51

How Do You Carry a Gallon of Electricity"

Was this ever you" A lonely figure walking on the side of the road gas can in hand after trying to stretch the tank just a bit too far" If you’ve be...
02-01-2022 21:47

Old Tools Engage Your Brain and Bring Back the Human in You

In this world of rapidly changing technology, sometimes we find the old tools work just fine. They may be slower, but they do the same work and they h...
01-01-2022 21:46

Liberty Motors Has a Brand New Website for the New ACE

Pete Larsen’s new ACE has a new home on the interwebs at As we noted before, he was so busy designing and building the new ACE, pu...
07-12-2021 21:50

Brand New BSA Motorcycles for 2022"

Resurrecting former motorcycle brand names has been done many times and occasionally, it works out. BSA, which slid under the waves in the early 1970s...
07-12-2021 21:50

Bistella 500, a 500cc 2 Stroke, 2 Row, Supercharged, 10 Cyli

Let me get right to the point, this engine build/custom motorcycle by Marek Foltis is one of the most impressive homebuilt projects I?ve seen since st...
08-11-2021 21:47

Jetson ONE – an Electric Powered Aerial Recreational V

If you want to get the attention of vehicle enthusiasts of all types, you need to show them something new, doing what their current vehicles don’t d...
22-10-2021 21:50

Ducati Enters the Electric Motorcycle Race

In a move surprising to no one, Ducati will join the rapidly growing list of manufacturers developing electric motorcycles, using a racing first philo...
22-10-2021 21:50

Pete Larsen?s New Liberty ACE Combines Art and Engineering w

The new Liberty ACE is one of those projects that makes you stop and stare and then smile and the story of its origins is fascinating, giving us some ...
20-10-2021 21:53

Liberty Motors ACE From Pete Larsen With Mid Mounted Gold Wi

Veterans of The Kneeslider will remember the articles we had about Pete Larsen’s Cycle Car, built to be a modern update to the Morgan 3 Wheeler. It ...
11-10-2021 21:45

Buell Hammerhead Production and Online Reservations to Begin

Buell Motorcycle Company will begin production and taking online reservations for the Buell Hammerhead 1190 on November 1st. Power comes from a 72 deg...
06-10-2021 21:43

NCCR Developing a Buell SuperSingle Based on the 1125 and 11

Swedish Buell specialist company, NCCR, is currently working on a new SuperSingle engine based on both the 1125 and 1190 versions of the Buell Helicon...
06-10-2021 21:43

There’s a Royal Enfield Flat Tracker Hiding Inside a 5

If you check out the Royal Enfield website, you’ll notice they’re promoting flat track racing now with their 650 parallel twin, but suppose what y...
05-10-2021 21:47

3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS for Makers Puts Pro Design Tools on

Most of you are familiar with the name SOLIDWORKS, it’s 3D design software for the serious professional and over the years, we’ve shown you projec...
05-10-2021 21:47

Apple iPhone Cameras and Motorcycle Vibrations Don’t M

If you have an iPhone mounted on your motorcycle, especially on the handlebars, this notice is for you. It seems the iPhone camera system has a lot of...
11-09-2021 21:48

Harley Davidson Introduces the Sportster S Powered by the Re

The Sportster has taken a leap ahead into the 21st century with the introduction of the Sportster S powered by the liquid cooled Revolution Max 1250T....
13-07-2021 21:52

LiveWire ONE is First Offering of the New Standalone Brand F

Harley Davidson is committing to the electric motorcycle market with their new standalone brand and the first model is the LiveWire ONE, branded as Li...
08-07-2021 21:52

Buell Gets Up and Dirty With the 1190HCR Hillclimber

Just got a note from Buell Motorcycles about their win in a recent hill climb event. Two riders, Logan and Luke Cipala, were both riding Buell 1190HCR...
23-06-2021 21:54

Projects Not Credentials, Do It to Prove It

You don’t need permission to learn You can learn anything you want, starting today. If you want to learn how to do advanced mathematics, TIG weld al...
08-06-2021 21:59

Electric Motorcycles – a Non-Serviceable Appliance&quo

How many appliances do you own" Let’s see, refrigerator, washer, dryer, TV and maybe a few things like a blender and a toaster. These are things you...
28-05-2021 21:53

A Norton Matchless in the British Tradition of Custom Hybrid

Recently we wrote about a beautiful, though less often seen, British hybrid combining a Norton Featherbed frame with an Ariel Square Four engine, it w...
26-05-2021 21:58

Completely Transformed Honda CB350 is a Very Creative Resto-

Restorations to like new condition are always nice to see, but sometimes it takes a creative mind to envision something a little different and in this...
23-05-2021 21:55

Harley Davidson Icons Collection Brings Nostalgia Into the 2

Professor Peabody’s wayback machine has been located at The Motor Company and someone’s been spinning the dials. When I saw these photos I had to ...
26-04-2021 21:56

Harley Davidson Certified Program Backs Pre-Owned Motorcycle

Quite a few auto makers do it and now Harley Davidson does, too, they’ve added a new Harley-Davidson Certified? program for pre-owned motorcycles. J...
19-04-2021 21:56

Can Synthetic Fuels Save Your Internal Combustion Engine&quo

Most every motor vehicle manufacturer is pushing the development of electric vehicles to one degree or another, some even committing to an all electri...
18-04-2021 21:59

Noriel Black Velvet and Norton Esquire – Two Different

A recent magazine cover photo caught my eye, it was John Mossey’s Noriel Black Velvet on the cover of Classic Bike. It’s one of those thoroughly B...
12-04-2021 21:54

Harley Davidson Goes Bagger Racing with a Road Glide, a Crat

A little over five years ago, I showed you the S&S T143 bagger, with a monster V-Twin engine shoehorned into the frame of a Harley Davidson Road Glide...
10-04-2021 21:54

Marvelous Magnetic Machines – Building Model Electric

The weather is cold or wet or it’s late and all you want to do is tinker with a small project on your workbench. You turn on some tunes low in the b...
29-03-2021 21:49

Harley Davidson Adventure Tour Let’s You Try Out the B

The new Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 is quite a change from the usual fare found in the Motor Company’s dealer showrooms and it introduces a new...
26-03-2021 21:49

Bottpower XR9 Carbona Kit Adds Racer Style to the Yamaha XSR

Bottpower, you remember them, they designed the XR-1 kit to transform a Buell XB with a flat track look. Well, it looks like they turned their attenti...
25-03-2021 21:55

Triumph Motorcycles Reveals TE-1 Electric Prototype Design

Project Triumph TE-1, which began in 2019, is the company’s move into developing their own electric motorcycle along with all of the related technol...
24-03-2021 21:59

Are the Pan America and Bronx the Rebirth of Harley Davidson

Quite a few years ago, we wrote about Project Overlord, a secret effort by Harley Davidson to develop a whole family of motorcycles designed around a ...
19-03-2021 21:54

Fascinating Motorcycle Design Similarities

Digging through The Kneeslider archives while looking for something else, I came across an article you may remember about Lotus Motorcycles. Daniel Si...
10-03-2021 21:54

The Two Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Building Handbook

If you’re a longtime reader of The Kneeslider, you may remember a review several years ago of The Four Stroke Dirt Bike Engine Building Handbook by ...
09-03-2021 21:53

Rimar Motors 600cc 2 Stroke V-Twin Project

Rimar Motors, in the Netherlands, is in the advanced stages of machining and assembling a 600cc 2 stroke, V-twin engine, designed to be installed in a...
07-03-2021 21:45

Gasoline for the Win – Electric Power Struggles to Cat

After the previous half dozen articles on electric powered motorcycles and bicycles, it might appear that I’ve become an advocate for electric power...
05-03-2021 21:51

An Early Skirmish in the Upcoming Motorcycle Wars – Br

The sound of distant guns signals the approaching battle, it’s not fully upon us just yet, but it soon will be. Two combatants in the high end luxur...
04-03-2021 21:47

Honda KTM, Piaggio and Yamaha Motor Intend to Develop Swappa

For a long time, many have suggested developing a standard battery that could be quickly and easily swapped so electric vehicles would be able to deal...
02-03-2021 21:49

An Interesting Price Comparison in the Internal Combustion o

If you keep track of what motorcycles are selling for, not asking prices, what they actually sold for, you learn a lot. Look at the motorcycles in the...
01-03-2021 21:48

Here Are Three Impressive Electric Projects You’ll Be

A tip from a reader pointed me to an electric streetfighter project by Canadian James Biggar, but once I took a look, I saw he had two other projects ...
26-02-2021 21:49

Electric Motorcycles Could Fill Up with POWERPASTE

There’s growing interest in electric motorcycles and they’re starting to show up in greater numbers, but range and recharge time are still stumbli...
25-02-2021 21:48

Harley Davidson Serial 1 Electric Bicycles Join the eBike Ba

If there is one segment of the two wheel market growing fast it’s eBikes, electric bicycles that provide a pedal assist to varying degrees as the ne...
24-02-2021 21:50

Harley Davidson Returns to Off Road Adventure Riding with th

Yep, I see your raised eyebrow, what do I mean “return” to off road adventure riding" Well, it’s true. The Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 just...
23-02-2021 21:50

MMR – Another Fantastic Build in Progress From Marcel

If the name Marcel van Hooijdonk doesn’t ring a bell, think MadBoxer, the Subaru WRX powered creation we showed you a few years ago. Well, he’s at...
22-02-2021 21:54

Buell Motorcycles Are Back in Production – Hand Built

This just in: Buell Motorcycles are back in production. I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m glad to hear it. The Hammerhead 1190 RX shown above is po...
19-02-2021 21:49

1937 Brough Superior SS 80 Deluxe For Sale

Something you will rarely see for sale is this 1937 Brough Superior SS 80 Deluxe. It has been completely restored and looks as good if not better, tha...
25-01-2021 22:01

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Pablo Escobar’s 1974 Porsche 911 RSR Ra...

Many may not know this, but Pablo Escobar used to race cars. Yes, in the 1970s Escobar actually took part in Colombia’s Copa Renault 4 and was in second place after six races. The car he drove was a 1974 Porsche 911 RSR that was previously driven... -
2021 Ford Expedition XL STX: A Quick Walkaround This Nicely Priced SUV

2021 Ford Expedition XL STX: A Quick Walkarou...

Drivers who need a big vehicle but don’t want to pay through the nose for a luxury SUV may want to add the 2021 Ford Expedition XL STX to their list. Ford fans may recognize the STX trim level from the F-150 lineup, which always found its home... -
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2021 Bentley Flying Spur V8 Is Lighter &...

A twelve-cylinder Bentley in your garage is a life goal for many of us. Their flagship sedan pulls no punches to offer 626 horsepower and 664 lb-ft of torque. It has everything you could ask for, and now offers the most efficient powertrain in... -
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2018 Ford F-150 5.0L 4×4 SuperCrew Teste...

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Ace Cafe Orlando To Open spring 2017

Ace Cafe Orlando To Open spring 2017

Construction ofAce Cafe OrlandoRolls Toward Spring 2017 Opening. It?s the first North American outpost of the world?s most celebrated London-based motor-diner. The new destination in Central Florida Will Feature full-Service restaurant, bars, live... -
Infiniti and Renault Sport Formula 1 Team Create Q60 Project Black S

Infiniti and Renault Sport Formula 1 Team Cre...

Infiniti has been all about showing us its true colors lately. Following the debut?and eventual quiet demise?of the Q50 Eau Rouge concept (that?s literally French for ?red water? but named after the famous corner on the Spa-Francorchamps racing... -
Breaking News. Erik Buell Racing To Shut Down Again

Breaking News. Erik Buell Racing To Shut Down...

Sad news again, this one from Erik Buell Racing (EBR) The company announced that it is winding down its operations. The decision was taken due to the company?s difficulty at finding new dealers in a very soft US motorcycle market. Without... -
UGR20 Powertrain Development

UGR20 Powertrain Development

Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition and presents some unique technical challenges. Student teams worldwide design, build, test, and race small-scale formula-style racing cars and compete in... -

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