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Motorcycles: The Balancing Point

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Motorcycles: The Balancing Point Motorcycles: The Balancing Point

Motorcycles: The Balancing Point

Motorcycles: The Balancing Point
An exploration of how riding motorcycles is a form of meditation, by John G. (originally published for Burn Out Italy)
I saw my first motorcycle when I was four years old, and instantly knew that I was meant to be on two wheels.
At the age of 14, I was very fortunate to meet and spend time with two of my older cousins who live in Greece. Both happen to be just about the coolest people I have ever known. They became my motorcycle gurus. They each had something different to teach me about life, meditation and how to ride.
Niko and I would pack a very small amount of clothing and camping gear onto his 1995 Yamaha DT 200 motorcycle and spend weeks on the road.
Yamaha DT 200
Life was very simple: ride onto a ship, go to an island, ride off the ship and then follow the road around the perimeter of the island until it became a dirt road? keep going, find a deserted beach and set up camp for a few days. Maybe ride into the mountains. Repeat.
Niko was in the Greek Special Forces, trained as a paratrooper; he knows the land like the back of his hand. He taught me the art of shutting the fuck up and being content in the moment. He described meditation as becoming very still and just listening, allowing all thoughts to quietly pass by while merging with nature or whatever experience was at hand.
Letting go of fear and pride allows something much bigger to take over our limited sense of Self and all of a sudden, we are tapped into Life.
  We no longer have to struggle against it because we ARE it. Using this philosophy, we would push our bodies to the extreme through long hikes and swims, rock climbing, and long durations on the open road; it wasn?t uncommon to go without food & water, or eating nothing but walnuts for a few days.
Greece Forest
We would also spend hours sitting still, usually surrounded by heavenly views of the sea or crystal clear, star filled skies?always in the middle of nowhere. Regardless of the outward act, the inner attitude was always the same?get out of our own way, be at one with Life and the immense beauty that surrounded us. That DT took us everywhere we needed to be. Every time we got on that bike it was as if we flipped an inner switch that opened the floodgates of joy. Niko was one of the happiest, kindest people I?ve ever met and I?m convinced his happiness was the result of a deep, inner connection to his true self. He taught me how to laugh at myself, how to laugh at my small ego, and above all how to go beyond it to experience freedom.
Baby Koundinyasana kawasaki 636
George is a big dude-both physically and energetically.
He grew up riding motocross, and has a background in heavy metal, lifting weights and karate?yet he?s also read every book under the sun when it comes to metaphysical and spiritual studies. He taught me about ?the balancing point?, trust, and the art of ?surrender?. Unlike the quiet, serene wilderness environments I spent time in with Niko on a dirt bike, the cl...
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Motorcycles: The Balancing Point Motorcycles: The Balancing Point


Source of news: budcad
Source of publication: 27-07-2016 21:41
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