2020 Porsche Macan GTS | MotorWeek First Drive - Motor TV

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2020 Porsche Macan GTS | MotorWeek First Drive

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Brian Robinson went out to Portugal to drive the 2020 Porsche Macan GTS. See more MotorWeek First Impressions here: https://www.motorweek.org/reviews/first_impressions/

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My Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is back! I met up with Sam (SeenThroughGlass) to announce a VERY exciting roadtrip, and NEW CAR!!! Stay Tuned for my ...
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2021 Volkswagen ID.4 | MotorWeek First Look

Volkswagen\'s first long-range EV is here and it\'s an SUV! John Davis, Greg Carloss, and Jessica Ray talk about this new entry into the electric vehi ...
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Look Like a King for Less than $10,000: Window Shop with Car

We go in search of once ridiculously high-priced cars that have depreciated so much that they\'re now affordable, but you probably don\'t want to buy ...
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2020 BMW M8 Competition on the Track! | Tire Rack's Hot Lap

BMW?s M Division used to make cars known for three qualities: rear-drive, high-revving naturally-aspirated motors, and slick manual transmissions. Now ...
25-09-2020 21:58

2021 Kia Sorento | MotorWeek First Look

A new generation of Kia Sorento is on the horizon and it is more stylish, more powerful, and more capable than ever. Greg Carloss, Jessica Ray, and Br ...
25-09-2020 21:58

1992 Buick Park Avenue Ultra Supercharged | Retro Review

Well I\'ll tell ya, Park Avenue leads to...SKID ROW! Follow us on social media: Facebook (Twitter ( ...
24-09-2020 21:55

Race Car Meets Supercar: Porsche 917 vs Porsche 918 Spyder |

One: a Le Mans-winning race car from the late 1960s. The other: a 21st century hybrid supercar meant to change perceptions of what electric motors cou ...
24-09-2020 21:55

MW Podcast #238: Nissan Z Proto, Ford Ranger Tremor Off-Road

In Podcast 238 John Davis and the team give their thoughts on the newly revealed Nissan Z car. Then it?s another new release, the Ford Ranger Tremor. ...
23-09-2020 22:03

Test Driving the Icon FJ44! | MotorTrend

Icon founder Jonathan Ward shares details about the FJ44 with MotorTrend?s Jonny Lieberman while on the trail. #Icon ...
22-09-2020 21:57

2020 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S E-Hybrid Coupe | MotorWeek Quic

Though the Porsche Cayenne has been around for almost 20 years, the more stylish Coupe version arrived just last year with the 3rd gen Cayenne. And, ...
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The 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe is Bigger and Better Than Ever | Mo

No one would have predicted that when the Chevrolet Tahoe first arrived in the early 1990s, that only 25 years later, SUVs would rule the automotive w ...
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2021 Kia Seltos | MotorWeek Road Test

In the ever expanding world of SUVs, we turn our attention to the Kia brand, which up until now has survived without an all-wheel drive model smaller ...
22-09-2020 21:57

Disinfecting Cars | Goss' Garage

Pat Goss has some tips on keeping your vehicle safe while not damaging the interior with harmful cleaning products. Find more helpful advice from Pat ...
22-09-2020 21:57

Drive-In Theatres Are Making A Comeback | MotorWeek FYI

With all the stress in our lives today, wouldn?t it be great to get away from it all for a few hours and take in a movie" Well our Stephanie Hart has ...
22-09-2020 21:57

Ordering Takeaway Pizza to NEW £150,000 Bentley Bentayga!

Testing the fresh faced Bentley Bentayga V8 with a traditional British \'Staycation\'. Ordering a takeaway Pizza to the Bentley by the beach! What cou ...
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Best Cheap Used Cars for Winter: Window Shop with Car and Dr

With the season of snow and road salt just around the corner, we go hunting for beaters so we can keep our cherished cars safe from Old Man Winter. F ...
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2021 Ford Ranger Tremor Off-Road Package | MotorWeek First L

It might not be a Raptor but the Ranger Tremor Off-Road Package is nothing to scoff at. Jessica Ray, Greg Carloss, and Rachel Ederer have the details ...
19-09-2020 22:02

'66 Mustang vs '17 Porsche Head-to-Head Road Race! | Put Up

Stream every episode of Put Up or Shut Up on MotorTrend Now! On this episode of Put Up Or Shut Up, host Brian Lohnes pits an o ...
19-09-2020 22:02

2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost on the Track! | Tire Rack's Hot L

Some people think every Mustang should have a V-8, but we?re not part of that crew. This super-boosted Mustang gets a revised version of the turbo-fou ...
18-09-2020 22:01

WORLD FIRST | Testing The New Rolls Royce Ghost's Planar Tec

Welcome to the 2021 Rolls Royce Ghost! An exclusive first drive and look at the WORLD FIRST Planar System. Combined with Rolls Royce\'s level of luxur ...
17-09-2020 21:57

1967 Lamborghini Miura S | Retro Review

Is there a more exotic design ever made by human hands" The Lamborghini Miura is a runner and a stunner. ...
17-09-2020 21:57

Rebuilding a "Dream Car" Road Runner! | Roadkill G

David Freiburger scored the car he\'d wanted for 20-plus years, a 1971 Plymouth Road Runner. It was a decent car, mostly original with 95,000 miles on ...
16-09-2020 21:58

Jeep Grand Wagoneer Concept | MotorWeek First Look

Jeep has finally answered the call of reviving their Grand Wagoneer nameplate and it is very different from the wagons of the past. John Davis, Greg C ...
16-09-2020 21:58


New alcantara steering wheel, carbon bits and more installed on my BMW M2 Competition. Then I drive Ryan\'s Stage 2 430bhp BMW M2!! R44 Performance: h ...
15-09-2020 22:01

Pole Position: Quest for the Championship Episode 5 | MotorT

Hyundai?s race at Road America showed how the Bryan Herta Autosport team deserves a place at the top. Watch the latest episode right here. #HyundaiRac ...
15-09-2020 22:01

Bronco Concept Vehicles, Rivian Preps For Production, & Hyun

Lauren Morrison has the scoop on some accessories for the all-new Ford Bronco, an update on Rivian\'s EV production facilities, and Hyundai\'s big new ...
14-09-2020 22:01

40th Anniversary Oil Change | Goss' Garage

Pat Goss revisits the topic from his first ever Goss\' Garage segment, oil changes! Here\'s how much things HAVEN\'T changed when it comes to this vit ...
14-09-2020 22:01

2020 Fiat 500X 4,500-Mile Update

See more of our Long Term Updates with the 2020 Fiat 500X here: Check out more of our Long ...
14-09-2020 22:01

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S Is A Dream To Drive | MotorWeek

We drive plenty of cool cars around here, but Porsche 911 Turbos are like Christmas. The anticipation of getting behind the wheel is pure agony, but o ...
14-09-2020 22:01

We Explore An Old Outlet Mall Turned Showroom With Over 1,00

Greg Carloss goes Over the Edge at the Classic Auto Mall in Morgantown, Pennsylvania to explore their large collection of cars held in an old outlet m ...
14-09-2020 22:01

The 2020 Buick Encore GX Feels Like A Real Buick | MotorWeek

As recently as the 2002 model year, Buick didn?t have a single SUV in their lineup. Now, SUVs make up almost 90% of their sales. So, adding another o ...
14-09-2020 22:01

2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV 16,000-Mile Update

See more of our Long Term Updates with the 2019 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV: ...
14-09-2020 22:01

New MagnaFlow Overland Series Exhaust Install on a Toyota 4R

We all want an off-road vehicle that sounds as mean as it looks. Magnaflow\'s Overland Series Performance Exhaust aims to bring more ground clearance, ...
14-09-2020 22:01

Man vs Lamborghini | Who's Faster"

How fast is a Lamborghini on public roads with traffic and speed limits" vs ME running as fast as I can for 2km" Grenade know how to put on a show! Gr ...
13-09-2020 21:55

Lucid Air Walkaround with Jonny Lieberman | MotorTrend

The new benchmark in electric vehicles has arrived! Jonny Lieberman reviews the new Lucid Air with Lucid Motors VP of Design, Derek Jenkins. ...
12-09-2020 22:01

2020 Tuscan Grand Prix: George Russell Commentates On Mugell

Jump onboard with George Russell as he drives and commentates on a lap of Mugello at the Tuscan Grand Prix... For more F1® videos, visit ...
11-09-2020 21:57

MW Podcast #237: 40th Season Premiere, 2021 Porsche 911 Turb

In Podcast 237 the MotorWeek crew dissects two just-announced vehicles from Jeep, the Wrangler 4xe and Grand Wagoneer Concept. Then they talk about th ...
11-09-2020 21:57

2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class | MotorWeek First Look

Mercedes-Benz give the S-Class a new look, especially on the inside. Jessica Ray, Greg Carloss, and Stephanie Hart have the details. See more MotorWe ...
11-09-2020 21:57

2020 Honda Civic Type-R | Tire Rack's Hot Laps With Randy Po

The Civic Type-R is a be-winged and be-scooped 300-horsepower monster that?s changed the standards of front-drive performance cars. This year" It?s ba ...
11-09-2020 21:57

Lucid Air Reveal! | MotorTrend

Lucid Motors, the Silicon Valley based electric vehicle maker, unveils their 517-mile Lucid Air luxury sedan! #LucidAir #Motor ...
11-09-2020 21:57

Electric-Car Bargains Under $10,000: Window Shop with Car an

This week, we set our sights on finding electric cars for less than $10,000. Subscribe to Car and Driver ...
11-09-2020 21:57

INSIDE TRACK | Episode 4 - Richard Petty

Watch R&T Editor-in-Chief Mike Guy and racing icon "The King" Richard Petty chat about Petty\'s illustrious three-decade-long career, leading his team ...
11-09-2020 21:57

Lamborghini vs Ferrari | My Friend's Next Supercar...

Test Driving the Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera vs Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale. Two modern classics but Sam (SeenThroughGlass) would love to buy ...
10-09-2020 22:01

Hot Wheels Legends Virtual Tour with R&T presented by Mobil

The Hot Wheels Legends Tour, presented by @mobil 1 has gone virtual! Hear from an expert panel of race car drivers, our friends at @R&T, the Hot Wheel ...
10-09-2020 22:01

1994 Chevy S10 / GMC Sonoma | Retro Review

Many buyers feel that today\'s small trucks are too big. These small trucks from GM are awesome and still very relevant. ...
10-09-2020 22:01

Vredestein Tire?s North American Debut | MotorTrend Exclusiv

Join MotorTrend?s Jonny Lieberman at Willow Springs to debut Vredestein Tires, the much-anticipated newcomer to the North American market. Check out J ...
10-09-2020 22:01

We Say Goodbye to our 2019 Porsche Macan S After 19,000 Mile

See more MotorWeek Long Term Updates here: Follow us on social media: Facebook ( ...
08-09-2020 22:00

Our 2020 Hyundai Palisade Long Term 10,000-Mile Update

See more MotorWeek Long Term Updates here: Follow us on social media: Facebook ( ...
08-09-2020 22:00

2020 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter | MotorWeek Road Test

While it has sported many badges since it first arrived here for 2001... Freightliner, Mercedes-Benz, and even Dodge; the Sprinter has changed the com ...
08-09-2020 22:00

Idiots Go Car Shopping | NEW DEALERSHIP!!

Well, Idiots Go Car Shopping returns for a special episode! To kick some more tyres post lockdown! We head to a new dealership in the UK called Scuder ...
06-09-2020 21:57

2021 Porsche 911 Targa 4 | MotorWeek First Drive

Greg Carloss gets behind the wheel of Porsche\'s newest 911 Targa 4. See more MotorWeek First Impressions here: ...
06-09-2020 21:57

Budget Mods for Big Power! | Engine Masters | MotorTrend

Let\'s face it, right now everyone wants to find as much power as they can on their engine, for as little money as possible. On Engine Masters, Freibu ...
06-09-2020 21:57

Low-Mileage Challenge: Window Shop with Car and Driver

In search of perfection on a $25,000 budget, we find pristine cars whose odometers have barely turned over in more than 20 years. Subscribe to Car an ...
05-09-2020 21:58

2021 Chevy Trailblazer | MotorWeek First Look

Chevy has brought back their Trailblazer nameplate for the model year 2021. Jessica Ray and Greg Carloss have the details on what\'s new with the new ...
04-09-2020 21:56

2020 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 at Willow Springs! | Tire Rack's Hot

This might be one of the smallest AMGs, but it?s not down on anything: power, brakes, handling. Even yellow paint! With all settings on ?RACE? and a f ...
04-09-2020 21:56

Porsche 356 America Roadster vs 2019 Porsche Speedster?Old v

Roadsters have been a part of Porsche history since its earliest days?since before even the Speedster. Jonny Lieberman had the chance to drive one of ...
03-09-2020 21:58

Weekend Warm-Up! 2020 Italian Grand Prix

It?s that race weekend when every motorsport fan around the world gets a special tingle of excitement as we get ready to enter the hallowed Temple of ...
03-09-2020 21:58

1989 Chevrolet Corvette L98 | Retro Review

the \'89 Corvette retains the classic digital dash but gains the age defying salad shooter rims and glorious new 6-speed. ...
03-09-2020 21:58

Mercedes Floods the 2021 S-Class with New and Updated Techno

Mercedes-Benz calls it the first digital S-class and puts its technology closer to the driver. For more on the 2021 Mercedes-Benz S-Class, visit - h ...
02-09-2020 22:30

2020 Mazda3 Premium AWD Hatchback! What You Need to Know | M

The Mazda3 is sleek, sophisticated, and most important it?s fun to drive. Join our own Ed Loh for a complete walkthrough right here! #Mazda #Mazda3 ...
01-09-2020 22:37

1967 Nova Rebuilt! Day 5?HOT ROD Duralast Week 2 Wicked Pres

The final day of the build is our favorite day! Day 5 of the Duralast Week To Wicked, presented by CPP ends in smoke, and not from the engine. Check i ...
31-08-2020 22:28

Rising Average Vehicle Age and Which Automaker Has the Highe

Lauren Morrison has the scoop on the rising average vehicle age, the automaker with the best brand loyalty, and building more infrastructure for EVs. ...
31-08-2020 22:28

5-Months With Our 2020 FIAT 500X | Long Term Update

See all of our Long Term Updates for the 2020 FIAT 500X here: Follow MotorWeek on social media: Facebook ...
31-08-2020 22:28

The 2020 Honda CR-V Hybrid Is A More Efficient CR-V | MotorW

While competition is stout in every crossover segment; but it?s still the compacts that are seeing the most action, with the Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV ...
31-08-2020 22:28


I ordered Cheap DIY Carbon Mods for my BMW M2 Competition and Install them myself...How hard can it be" R44 Performance: ...
30-08-2020 22:40

1967 Nova Rebuilt! Day 4?HOT ROD Duralast Week 2 Wicked Pres

Day 4 of HOT ROD\'s Duralast Week To Wicked, presented by CPP, put this \'67 Nova one step closer to making tire smoke! #ProvenTough #duralast #HotRod ...
30-08-2020 22:40

2020 Belgian Grand Prix: Post-Race Driver Reaction

All the post-race reaction from the drivers after Spa played host to Round 7 of the 2020 F1 season... For more F1® videos, visit ...
30-08-2020 22:40

1967 Nova Rebuilt! Day 3?HOT ROD Duralast Week 2 Wicked Pres

The guys crushed their to-do list on day 3 of HOT ROD\'s Duralast Week To Wicked, presented by Classic Performance Products, Inc! #ProvenTough #dura ...
29-08-2020 22:28

The Worst of a Brand: Window Shop with Car and Driver

We budgeted $10,000 and set out to find the worst cars ever built by certain brands. Subscribe to Car and Driver ...
29-08-2020 22:28

HOT ROD Duralast Week 2 Wicked 1967 Nova Presented By CPP?Da

Major progress on Day 2 of the Duralast Week To Wicked ?67 Nova, Presented by CPP! The crew finished up brakes, plumbed the fuel system, installed the ...
28-08-2020 22:28

HOT ROD Duralast Week 2 Wicked 1967 Nova Presented By CPP?Da

Think you can\'t build a cool car with hand tools in just a few weeks" Watch as we show you how it\'s done. The HOT ROD staff will add a complete susp ...
28-08-2020 22:28

1983 Dodge Charger 2.2 | Retro Review

Ahhh, the good ol\' Deuce Deuce. Follow us on social media: Facebook (Twitter ( ...
27-08-2020 22:28

Inside the 1963 Indy 500 | MotorTrend

The 1963 Indy 500 was a battle between the established front-engine roadsters and rear-engine machines. Angus MacKenzie takes us back to the race thro ...
27-08-2020 22:28

F1 Esports: 2020 Pro Draft Reveal Show

The search for our next superstar goes on! Join us for the Pro Draft Reveal Show, where the 10 F1 teams will choose from 45 of the fastest sim racers ...
27-08-2020 22:28

Pole Position: Quest for the Championship Episode 4?Sebring

The Bryan Herta Autosport Team is back on track with Hyundai. Their latest challenge" Sebring. Stream the latest episode of Pole Position: Quest for t ...
26-08-2020 22:32

FIRST DRIVE | What's NEXT For My Lamborghini"

My FIRST Drive in the Lamborghini Murcielago in 12 months!! Driving it to HR Owen Lamborghini Pangbourne for a MAJOR service! HR Owen: ...
25-08-2020 22:00

MW Podcast #236: 2021 RAM 1500 TRX, Chevy Tahoe, Mercedes GL

In Podcast 236 John and company discuss the Hellcat-powered RAM 1500 TRX. Then, it?s over to Chevrolet with the 2021 Tahoe before they wrap up the tes ...
25-08-2020 22:00

The Next Level of UHP All Season Tires | Hypertrac from Vred

Sean Holman unboxes the Vredestein Hypertrac, a UHP tire specifically engineered for North American roads. Vredestein brings over 110 years of history ...
25-08-2020 22:00

Modern Car Parts | Goss' Garage

Tom Taylor from RockAuto joins Pat Goss to talk about a couple of modern car parts to keep an eye on. Follow us on social media: Facebook ( ...
24-08-2020 22:00

2021 Lexus LC 500 Convertible | MotorWeek Quick Spin

Lexus drops off their 2021 LC 500 Convertible for us to take a Quick Spin in. Greg Carloss drops the top and gets behind the wheel! See more MotorWee ...
24-08-2020 22:00

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