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Looking for a well pedigreed track day car" Look no fur

Flying Lizard Motorsport is selling their 2014 Audi R8 GT3 LMS Ultra. You could own this awesome car, which has run and won actual races! This car can...
22-02-2019 22:03
22-02-2019 22:03
22-02-2019 22:03
21-02-2019 22:04
19-02-2019 22:14
18-02-2019 22:06
17-02-2019 22:07

Braking Analysis: What Do Pros Do Differently"

Learn how to brake like a pro....
16-02-2019 22:02

The Top 5 Audi Models Sadly Never Made it to the States

See the amazing Audi products that we\'ve been missing out on for years. Nothing excites enthusiasts like the forbidden fruit of cars that never were ...
13-02-2019 22:06

Where Have the Audis Gone"

German luxury car maker is dealing with a sudden shortage of vehicles in the US....
12-02-2019 22:03

Product Review: Travall Guard

Our forum member GeoJoe recently  installed the Travall Guard system in his Q7, and was nice enough to share his experience with us!  The fine folks a...
08-02-2019 22:01
08-02-2019 22:01

P18 E-Tron Models are Probably Going to be Tucked Away by Co

Audi will be producing just a limited number of P18 E-Tron models, but seeing these on the street will be unlikely....
08-02-2019 22:01
08-02-2019 22:01

Reasons Why Audi Has Dominated Motorsport

Audi\'s racing success has not come overnight....
07-02-2019 22:10

When 5 Cylinders Ruled: Audi Quattro Circuit Monsters

5 amazing facts about the Trans Am Audi 200 Quattro....
04-02-2019 22:04
02-02-2019 22:01
02-02-2019 22:01
02-02-2019 22:01
02-02-2019 22:01

5 Cheap Mods that Make Big Difference

From changes you can make to the car to changes you can make in your mind, we\'ve got it covered....
01-02-2019 22:02

Hurry Up and Buy This 1983 Ur-Quattro Before it’s Gone

What\'s fifty grand in the grand scheme of things"...
31-01-2019 22:03
30-01-2019 22:06
30-01-2019 22:06

Head Over to Silvercar and Check Out the Q7

If you regret that you can\'t drive your Audi when out of town on business, Silvercar is the rental company for you....
28-01-2019 22:03
26-01-2019 22:13
26-01-2019 22:13

Audi Charging Forward from Los Angeles to New York

Do you want to go from LA to NY in an electric vehicle" We\'ll show you how....
25-01-2019 22:06

Retropower’s Audi Sport Quattro

This little monster will have you drooling......
24-01-2019 22:12
23-01-2019 22:07
23-01-2019 22:07
21-01-2019 22:05

The RS2 Avant Can Now Legally be Imported to the US

Due to unique import rules here in the States, it was near impossible to get Audi\'s RS2 Avant over here. But soon, that\'ll no longer be the case....
18-01-2019 22:04

8 Weird Audi Auto Wraps

If you\'re looking for ideas for your next car wrap, check out this list....
17-01-2019 22:05

The World of Rare and Quite Wonderful Audi Cars

Some of these are Audi models you never knew existed while others are variants of models we are familiar with. See some of the cars inside that are de...
14-01-2019 22:05

Audi Looks to Make Road Trips Very Interesting with VR

In-car VR for self-driving Audi models could be the answer to boredom on tedious trips....
11-01-2019 22:04
11-01-2019 22:04
11-01-2019 22:04

So, What Do You Know About the Original Fox"

The Audi Fox was sold in the USA from 1973 to 1979 and was the first model to see success in the North American Market. So how come no one talks about...
10-01-2019 22:07
09-01-2019 22:08
08-01-2019 22:12

5 Legendary Audi Models

Audi shows its lasting luxury with the staying power of these exquisite vehicles....
07-01-2019 22:16

RS5 Gets Body Mods from Capristo Automotive

If you want DTM all day every day, this is the car for you....
05-01-2019 22:07
04-01-2019 22:01

Saying Goodbye to European Delivery

From a visit to the museum to exploring Germany to driving your new Audi on new roads. We sure will miss having the chance to experience Audi\'s Euro ...
03-01-2019 22:01
02-01-2019 22:02

Audi’s Autonomous Taxi Service is Coming Sooner than y

How would you feel about a self-driving Audi giving you a ride"...
28-12-2018 22:03

SuperStreet’s Impressions After Driving E-Tron GT

What\'s better than your average electric car"...
28-12-2018 22:03

5 Ways Audi is Making the Road Safer for Autonomous Cars

Read about the innovative technology Audi is designing for the future of autonomous driving....
21-12-2018 22:02

The Audi Driving Experience Is the Best Christmas Gift

The Audi Driving Experience is a must-do for any driving enthusiast with the means to do so....
19-12-2018 22:02
18-12-2018 22:02

2019 Audi R8 V10 Performance Model Tweaked to Perfection

How does the pure roar of the naturally aspirated V10 stack up against the competition"...
18-12-2018 22:02

5 Holiday Gifts for Audi Lovers

Running short on ideas and need some Audi help with your gift choices"...
15-12-2018 22:06
15-12-2018 22:06
12-12-2018 22:16
12-12-2018 22:16

E-Tron GT Slated for Untitled Avengers 4 Role

The sleek EV saloon will make its big screen debut in Avengers Endgame....
11-12-2018 22:12
11-12-2018 22:12
08-12-2018 22:03
07-12-2018 22:06

Photo Gallery – Audi e-tron quattro

While international journalists are having their way with the new e-tron quattro, Audi’s press corps have been snapping away. Here are some of the p...
06-12-2018 22:02
06-12-2018 22:02

The Small Changes on the 2019 A4

Audi revamps the A4 for 2019, but the changes aren?t exactly substantial. The Devil really is in the details on next year?s model....
05-12-2018 22:11
04-12-2018 22:05

Audi e-tron: From Drawing Board to Reality

How close are we to having a full lineup of electric Audis"...
04-12-2018 22:05

R8 LMS Racer Gives Hints at Upcoming R8 Tweaks

Audi previews the 2020 R8 V10 Plus with a new R8 GT3 Evo LMS race car....
29-11-2018 22:06
29-11-2018 22:06

New R&D Chief at Audi Plans to Add More EVs

Check out what Audi has up its sleeve in the coming years....
28-11-2018 22:03
24-11-2018 22:03
23-11-2018 22:11
21-11-2018 22:08
15-11-2018 22:13

Audi PB18 e-tron: What it Means for the Future

The Audi PB18 e-tron is a vision into the future. What does it mean for the brand"...
15-11-2018 22:13
15-11-2018 22:13

A Look at Audi’s Newest R8 LMS GT3 Race Car

The fourth Audi race car introduced in as many years, the R8 LMS GT3 is an evolution of the previous R8 racer....
14-11-2018 22:10
10-11-2018 22:12

Battery powered RS3 is a Supercar Killer

The fastest Audi RS3 exchanges five-cylinders for four electric motors....
08-11-2018 22:08
07-11-2018 22:10

Audi E-Tron is Natural Tesla Model X Rival

Audi?s avant-garde design philosophy has been applied to a battery powered SUV....
06-11-2018 22:08
05-11-2018 22:10
01-11-2018 22:11
27-10-2018 21:59
24-10-2018 22:05
17-10-2018 22:03
17-10-2018 22:03

Munich II public prosecutor concludes regulatory offences pr

Administrative order imposes a fine of EUR 800 million due to deviations from regulatory requirements in the context of certain V6 and V8 diesel aggre...
17-10-2018 22:03
17-10-2018 22:03

Here’s Why You Won’t Find the e-tron SUV in Deal

Where, oh where will the e-tron be"...
16-10-2018 22:15

What Happened to Driving Manual"

Once a necessity, clutch and stick skills are falling out of fashion as more and more drivers opt for the convenience of automatics....
12-10-2018 22:03
12-10-2018 22:03
11-10-2018 22:04

Road Atlanta Gets Beaten Up By R8, RS3, and TTRS

The folks at Automobile Magazine recently took Audi?s new performance cars ? the TT RS, RS3 LMS, and R8 LMS GT4 ? on a road test at Road Atlanta. Clic...
10-10-2018 22:03
10-10-2018 22:03
10-10-2018 22:03
05-10-2018 22:00

RHD Quattro Prototype Headed to Auction

An early version of the Audi Quattro\'s right-hand drive rally car has been put on the auction block. Click through to learn about what makes this car...
05-10-2018 22:00

HPerformance Built a 2nd Gen TT with 740BHP

Fancy an Audi TT RS with performance that matches a Ferrari"...
04-10-2018 22:02
02-10-2018 22:02

What to Know About Track Insurance

Unless your track day car is a beater, chances are replacing it is not going to be cheap if you wad it up....
01-10-2018 22:03

Audi E-Tron Shares Tech with a Surprise Car

The 2019 Audi E-Tron was developed as an electric vehicle from the ground up, drawing inspiration from a few unlikely places....
28-09-2018 22:02

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