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Racecar Engineering September 2022 Issue Out Now!

  Ferrari 296 GT3: Ferrari took the design of its next Corse Clienti car in-house and applied Prototype thinking. Stewart Mitchell on the ...
04-08-2022 21:55

Ferrari 296 GT3 Technical Insight

The Ferrari 296 GT3 represents the future of the Prancing Horse in GT racing. This sector has always seen the closest customer relationship a...
03-08-2022 21:57

Honda Extends Red Bull Powertrains Technical Support Agreeme

The technical support programme between Red Bull Powertrains (RBPT) and Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), the Honda subsidiary responsible for ...
02-08-2022 21:58

Mercedes HPP’s Hywel Thomas on F1’s E10 Fuel

Formula 1 introduced new fuel regulations for 2022, including a 10% ethanol fuel percentage. The construction of the ethanol molecule means i...
20-07-2022 22:07

BMW’s M Hybrid LMDh V8 Engine

An intensive testing period begins in a few weeks for the BMW M Hybrid V8, with which BMW M Motorsport will be battling for overall wins in 2...
15-07-2022 22:05

Peugeot PX8: Pre Monza Debut

Peugeot is set to make its debut in the World Endurance Championship at Monza this July with its new 9X8. One of the major talking points of ...
07-07-2022 22:00

Tech Explained | Formula 1 Halo

The Formula 1 Halo Originally produced in 2018, here we revisit the technology behind the Halo. This device, which saved the life go Zh...
04-07-2022 22:00

Scuderia AlphaTauri AT03

The 2022 chassis regulations allow for very different design philosophies to be used, and teams across the grid have chosen their own paths t...
01-07-2022 21:56

Racecar Engineering August 2022 issue out now!

Cover Feature: Porsche?s 963 LMDh prototype Column: Are F1 Technical Directives strangling innovation" Le Mans 2022: Toyota wins the reliabi...
30-06-2022 21:54

Red Bull Advanced Technologies Reveals RB17

Red Bull Advanced Technologies, the high-performance engineering arm of Red Bull Racing Group, announced details of its first hypercar project designe...
28-06-2022 22:10

F1 2022 Overtaking Comparison Using CFD Analysis

The 2022 F1 season is key to the emergence of a new car concept adapted to the latest technical regulations. Here begins a series of articles in which...
22-06-2022 21:55

Advertorial: Sertrab High Performance Cooling Solutions

Setrab, (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yinlun ? a leading global manufacturer of cooling products for automotive, aerospace, and industrial application...
17-06-2022 22:00

Optimize F1 aerodynamic geometries via Design of Experiments

FORMULA 1 (F1)cars are the fastest regulated road-course racing vehicles in the world. Although these open-wheel automobiles are only 20?30 ...
07-06-2022 22:04

Acura ARX-06 LMDh Prototype Teased

Acura Motorsports released the first images of the company’s new, hybrid Acura ARX-06 LMDh prototype, which will race in the IMSA WeatherTe...
06-06-2022 22:00

Racecar Engineering July 2022 issue out now!

Peugeot?s 9X8 prototype as the team stays faithful to original design with debut beckoning Stewart Mitchell highlights the influence of OEM...
06-06-2022 22:00

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance

Porsche has begun testing the technology components of the Mission R with the 718 Cayman GT4 ePerformance. At the 2021 IAA Mobility in Munich...
23-05-2022 22:15

Super GT’s Sustainable Fuel

Super GT is to be the first championship in Asia to run on a 100% biofuel. With the decision to use the fully sustainable fuel, the GT Associ...
19-05-2022 21:55

Racecar Engineering June 2022 Issue out now!

How Dallara improved the safety of its original DW12 design over a decade of racing. The new TOCA engine heralds a new era for the British ...
05-05-2022 21:57

Tech Explained: Simulating Porpoising on a quarter-car suspe

At the start of the 2022 F1 season, the “porpoise effect? has undoubtedly been one of the main protagonists. This effect, which has been kn...
01-05-2022 21:51

The Air Sealing Engine Evolution

Australian engine development company, Dynex International, has enhanced its engine sealing technology that it believes will contribute signi...
29-04-2022 21:53

Formula E Reveals Gen3

The future of all-electric high-performance motorsport has been revealed by Formula E and the Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) at the...
29-04-2022 21:53

BTCC’s Hybrid Era Begins

The long-awaited hybrid era of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) debuts in 2022, and with it comes a brand-new formula for the seri...
14-04-2022 22:20

Racecar Engineering May 2022 issue out now!

A detailed look at the learnings from Formula 1 testing ahead of the sport?s new era. Top F1 designer, Adrian Newey offers insight into the ...
01-04-2022 21:53

How Toyota is using motorsport to develop a carbon-neutral s

Toyota Motor Corporation has been very outspoken about its efforts in producing, transporting, and using hydrogen and carbon-neutral fuel. Fo...
30-03-2022 21:59

Data Analytics: Managing F1’s Digital Gold

Performance is a multi-faceted word in Formula 1. It can be associated with lap time, driveability, top speed, tyre degradation, downforce, p...
28-03-2022 21:54

UGR20 Aerodynamics

Formula Student cars operate in domains of low dynamic pressure whilst competing on circuits with many tight corners and few long straights. ...
14-03-2022 21:54

Racecar Engineering April 2022 issue out now!

First look at the new 2022 Formula 1 cars in pre-season testing How McLaren analyses large amounts of data accurately with Alteryx WRC tak...
04-03-2022 21:54

Formula 1’s Porpoising Problem

Formula 1 testing in Barcelona was a real eye-opener for the teams up and down the grid. A common challenge was getting to grips with so-call...
02-03-2022 21:54

Formula 1 Testing 2022

Testing for the 2022 Formula 1 season got underway on February 23, 2022, at the Circuit de Cataluna in Barcelona, Spain. Here the teams turne...
25-02-2022 22:25

McLaren Racing in Extreme E

For the 2022 racing calendar, the McLaren brand will be contesting in no less than three championships ? namely Formula 1, IndyCar, and its l...
17-02-2022 22:24

Tech Explained: 2022 F1 Technical Regulations

The 2022 Formula 1 regulations are the first time the rules specifically limit what teams can put on the car regarding the number of aerodyna...
15-02-2022 21:52

Racecar Engineering March 2022 issue out now!

Mercedes W12: A detailed look at the chassis and powertrain developments of 2021constructor’sChampionship winning car. How Formula 1 t...
04-02-2022 21:52

Ford Mustang GT3 coming in 2024

Ford Mustang, the iconic sports car that created the pony car segment, will lead Ford?s return to global sports car racing as Ford Performance prepare...
31-01-2022 21:51

Developing NASCAR’s Gen 7 Aerodynamics

The NASCAR Next Generation (Aka Gen 7) vehicle took the track in earnest in late 2021, beginning the final team tests prior to its debut at t...
28-01-2022 21:49

Mercedes-AMG Formula 1: Challenges of 2022

As Formula 1 steps into its new era in 2022, Racecar Engineering sat down with Mercedes-AMG Formula 1 Technical Director Mike Elliot and Mana...
21-01-2022 21:47

2022 Toyota GR Yaris Rally1 Hybrid WRC

The TOYOTA GAZOO Racing World Rally Team will begin the new era in the FIA World Rally Championship when the 2022 season begins and the GR YA...
17-01-2022 21:51

Racecar Engineering magazine February 2022 issue OUT NOW!

  Red Bull Racing’s RB16B: the car that won the most Formula 1 races in 2021 Motorsport’s 2021champions celebrated WRC’s aerodynami...
07-01-2022 21:50

How AWS helped design the 2022 Formula 1 car concept

Neil Ashton, Principal CFD Specialist, Amazon Web Services Formula 1 has revealed its next-generation race car that teams will use in the 202...
04-01-2022 21:56

UGR20 Unsprung Mass Study

As with many motorsports design and engineering departments, the University of Glasgow’s Formula Student Team, UGRacing, splits design work...
22-12-2021 21:49

The Dawn of Formula 1’s New Era

As the 2021 Formula 1 season ends, a new dawn of the sport is born. With that, we take the opportunity to look back on the technical regulati...
13-12-2021 21:49

Racecar Engineering January 2022 issue out now!

NASCAR Gen 7 Aerodynamics Explained Formula 1 2022 Aerodynamics philosophy as told by FOM’s technical lead ETCR Under the spotlight Tyre ...
03-12-2021 21:53

Formula E Gen3 spec revealed

The Fdration Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) first shared a third-generation all-electric racing car for Season 9 of the ABB FIA For...
30-11-2021 22:18

Cosworth Electronics and the 992-generation Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche presented the very first 911 Cup race car in 1990. It was based on the 964-generation and headed into its debut season in the German ...
30-11-2021 22:18

Toyota Gazoo Racing GR DKR Hilux T1+

The GR DKR Hilux T1+, Toyota Gazoo Racing’s all-new Dakar challenger, has been confirmed for Dakar 2022. The all-new design has exited the ...
17-11-2021 21:50

E1 Series and the SeaBird Technologies’ Racebird

Late last month, I attended the launch event of the forthcoming E1 powerboat series in Monaco. As Technical Director of a team working toward...
12-11-2021 22:27

Racecar Engineering December 2021 issue out now!

Racecar Engineering December 2021 issue Toyota overcame severe technical gremlins to take the double win at the 2021 Le Mans 24 hours Formu...
04-11-2021 21:52

How Mobil 1 Oil Contributes to Red Bull RB16B Performance

Internal combustion engines are energy conversion devices ? they convert chemical energy in the fuel at the injectors into mechanical energy ...
03-11-2021 21:53

Pirelli Concludes 18 inch Formula 1 Tyre Testing

The switch to new low-profile tyres represents a technical revolution for the pinnacle of world motorsport, requiring an intense research an...
19-10-2021 21:53

Advertorial | Digital Revolution in the Manufacturing I

In the realm of manufacturing, especially in theautomotiveindustry, time is an element that can be as valuable to an engineer?s bottom line...
12-10-2021 21:56

Motorsport EV Technologies to Boost US Defence Market

Jankel, a world leader in designing and manufacturing high-specification defence, security and NGO protection systems, collaborates with Will...
12-10-2021 21:56

BTCC Hybrid debuts at Silverstone

TheBritish Touring Car Championshipwelcomed a newcomer to the Silverstone round of the2021 BTCC championshipwith the race weekend debut of the new...
06-10-2021 21:48

Racecar Engineering November 2021 out now!

Extreme E?s story so far Total?s all-new sustainable fuel for Le Mans Insight into the Porsche Mission R project The technology behind DTM...
01-10-2021 21:54

Tech Explained: Formula 1 Tyre Model Development

Tyres are essential components of a race car, as they are the only direct link between the vehicle and the road. Theviscoelastic characteris...
27-09-2021 21:56

Audi Sport RS Qe-tronMorocco Testing

On the way to its debut in the famous Dakar Rally in January 2022, Audi Sport has tested the Audi RS Q e-tron for almost two weeks in Morocco...
20-09-2021 21:55

UGR20 Powertrain Development

Formula Student is Europe’s most established educational engineering competition and presents some unique technical challenges. Student tea...
03-09-2021 21:51

Racecar Engineering October 2021 issue out now!

Toyota’s historic Hypercar victory Why F1 drivers love to race in IndyCar Formula 1’s powertrain future Skoda RE-X1 Kreisel explained U...
02-09-2021 21:53

The fallout of the Hamilton Commission Report

This is my first Blog post for Racecar Engineering Magazine – it’s nice to have the opportunity to engage with readers on a more personal level an...
27-08-2021 21:55

Le Mans 2021 Digital magazine

Toyota Gazzo Racing earned a historic and dramatic fourth consecutive Le Mans 24 Hours victory, overcoming adversity to become the first Hypercar winn...
24-08-2021 21:59

Le Mans 2021: Simulated Performance Analysis

The 89th running of the Le Mans 24 Hours will be a first of its kind, with the hypercar category adorning the grid for the first time. Follow...
13-08-2021 21:53

Racecar Engineering September 2021 issue OUT NOW!

Inside the Racecar Engineering September 2021 issue:     Full details of Peugeot’s 9X8 LMH racer Hypercar class performance at Le Ma...
05-08-2021 21:53

Prodrive Hunter updated for T1+ DAKAR regulations

Bahrain Raid Xtreme (BRX) has redesigned the Prodrive Hunter to meet the new T1+ regulations of the Dakar Rally recently announced by the FIA...
02-08-2021 21:57

Audi’s RS Q e-tron Dakar rally contender

Audi has launched the RS Q e-tron for Dakar Rally in a bid to be the first car manufacturer to use an electrified drivetrain combined with an...
23-07-2021 21:56

Bentley’s Pikes Peak Powerplant

Although the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb and race events where GT3 finds itself in a regular race season calendar are both forms of mo...
19-07-2021 22:00

Formula 1 2022: Tyres

One of the most relevant features of Formula 1 in 2022 will be the new 18-inch Pirelli tyres fitted to the new cars. It’s the size of the r...
15-07-2021 22:08

Peugeot 9X8 hybrid LMH

Peugeot has revealed the aero concept of its Le Mans Hypercar that will compete in the 2022 FIA World Endurance Championship and at Le Mans, ...
06-07-2021 21:59

Racecar Engineering August 2021 issue OUT NOW!

Inside the Racecar Engineering August 2021 issue:   Full details of Bentley’s monster hill climb contender Pro Mod Dragster Shell...
02-07-2021 21:57

Nrburgring Compliance: KW Automotive’s five-way dampe

Setting up a car for the rigours of the Nrburgring 24 hours is one of motor racing?s great challenges. Suspension company, KW Automotive, wo...
02-07-2021 21:57

Tech Explained: Data Acquisition

Data acquisition a broad topic – on modern race cars, there are oceans of data recorded over a run, from hundreds of sensors measuring quan...
18-06-2021 21:58

Flexible Wings in Formula 1

One of the hot topics in Formula 1 in 2021 is flexible wings. This isn’t the first time teams have exploited the rulebook in Formula 1 util...
14-06-2021 21:58

Oxford Brookes Racing 2021 Chassis design

The 2021 Formula Student UK competition is just around the corner. Engineering students in universities worldwide have been hard at work desi...
04-06-2021 21:54

Racecar Engineering July 2021 Issue out NOW!

Inside the Racecar Engineering July 2021 issue:   Full details of BMW?s M4 GT3 customer racing contender NASCAR Next Gen FIA WEC Hypercar?...
03-06-2021 21:53

E-Motive Racing wins Racecar Engineering’s GDP award.

As part of Cranfield University’s Advanced Motorsport Engineering MSc and Advanced Motorsport Mechatronics MSc, students were required to c...
26-05-2021 22:04

Toyota Debuts Hydrogen-fuelled Internal Combustion Race Engi

At the end of April 2021, Toyota announced it would be testing the performance of a new hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engine by instal...
26-05-2021 22:04

Mercedes F1’s Toto Wolff becomes Cranfield University

Team Principal, CEO and co-owner of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula One Team, Toto Wolff, has received an Honorary Degree from Cranfield University ...
20-05-2021 22:00

Tech: Aerodynamic Shape Optimization software

Computational fluid dynamic specialist firm AirShaper has developed a brand new tool that it believes revolutionises the motorsport industry...
06-05-2021 22:03

June 2021 issue of Racecar Engineering OUT NOW!

Inside the Racecar Engineering June 2021 issue: Extreme E, The engineering challenges of the all-new electric SUV series Williams F1’s New ...
06-05-2021 22:03

Tech Explained: Chassis

We’ve covered the journey of forces from the tyre contact patch through the wheels and suspension into the springs and dampers, and now we ...
27-04-2021 22:09

News: FIA Electric Powered GT

The FIA has announced technical regulations for a new electric-powered GT car category, which it says will ‘serve as a platform for manufac...
23-04-2021 22:05

Insight: Revolution Racecars A-One

Radical Sportscars are widely recognised as inventing the production racecar, and its most successful racecar, the SR3, embodied that concept in all f...
14-04-2021 22:01

Tech Explained: Ackermann Steering Geometry

Steering geometry is one of the many tools at a race car designer’s disposal to ensure the car extracts maximum performance from all four t...
08-04-2021 22:02

May 2021 issue out now!

Inside the Racecar EngineeringMay2021 issue: – F1 planning four-wheel-drive future – Glickenhaus 007C – M-Sport’s Rally3 – Revol...
01-04-2021 21:55

IndyCar Driver Safety Technology

This season, the NTT INDYCAR SERIES will adopt two new safety devices that will provide detailed data about the cars and drivers’ forces du...
31-03-2021 22:01

MIA Energy Efficient Motorsport Conference: What’s Nex

If motorsport is to survive, it must start on the journey to being sustainable. By definition, sustainable means’ able to be maintained at a certai...
31-03-2021 22:01

Racecar Engineering at ASI Connect 2021: What’s Next i

The aftermath of Romain Grosjean?s crash in Bahrain highlighted just how far Formula 1 safety has come. But what is being done to make all mo...
24-03-2021 22:06

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus 007C Hypercar

Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaushas taken the next step in its commitment to endurance racing and signed up to take a Hypercar to this year?s Le Mans 24 ...
23-03-2021 22:34

Alpine A480 Le Mans Hypercar

For 2021, two-time WEC LMP2 champions (2016 and 2018-2019 superseason), Alpine Elf Matmut Endurance Team, take a step forward in entering the...
18-03-2021 22:36

Tech Explained: Steering Forces

As drivers steer a road vehicle along the desired trajectory, they will experience resistance from the steering wheel that they must overcome...
12-03-2021 22:14

New Year, New Floor: F1 2021

The FIA and Formula 1 management made changes to the aerodynamic regulations ahead of 2021 in a bid force a 10% reduction in overall downforc...
12-03-2021 22:14

April 2021 Issue OUT NOW!

Inside the Racecar EngineeringApril2021 issue: – Formula 1 2021 regs – Prodrive P2T – IndyCar Aeroscreen – Radical SR10 – Refue...
04-03-2021 21:52

ASI Connect digital 2021 + Autosport International 2022

Revving up 2021: ASI Connect digital networking event registration opens. Motorsport industry professionals don’t have to wait until 2022 f...
26-02-2021 21:55

News: Ferrari to enter Hypercar LMH in 2023

Following a study and analysis period, Ferrari says it has kicked off the development of an LMH car with work already underway on design and ...
25-02-2021 21:53

Mecachrome and Alpine Racing Formula 1 continue technical pa

The French specialist precision mechanics group, Mecachrome, has been appointed to manufacture significant components and assembly of the V6 ...
24-02-2021 21:55

Developing a Disadvantage: MV Agusta Moto2

Most motorsport development deals with the search for a competitive advantage. Teams find ways to make their race machines faster, optimising them to ...
19-02-2021 21:54

ARA and DirtFish partner to support the growth of US rallyin

With the United States being one of the largest car markets globally (roughly 800 cars for every 1,000 residents), there is no question that ...
12-02-2021 21:56

March 2021 issue out now!

Inside the Racecar EngineeringMarch2021 issue: – Toyota GR010 – Rally EV – Prodrive Hunter T1 – BoP in Hypercar – Vehicle handli...
04-02-2021 21:58

Engineering in Formula E: Envision Virgin Racing

Formula E is as competitive and as close as ever and is getting more so with every passing season. This is great for the sport and fans but makes the ...
01-02-2021 21:59

Gordon Murray Automotive T.50 Engine

For its first-ever vehicle, Gordon Murray Automotive wants to rewrite the supercar rulebook.The T.50 will be the purest, lightest, most driv...
29-01-2021 21:56

Moto Guzzi ? Nato nella Galleria Del Vento – ?Born out

Tucked away in the corner of a town called Mandello del Lario near Lake Como’s shore sits the factory of iconic Italian motorcycle manufact...
25-01-2021 22:07


Toyota Gazoo begins a new era of endurance racing with the launch of its all-new GR010 HYBRID Hypercar, which will compete in the 2021 FIA Wo...
15-01-2021 21:58

Racecar Engineering February 2021 issue Out NOW!

  McLaren MCL35 development Rally Dakar 2021 Buggy Tech insight into radial vs axial flux motor design Mahindra Racing’s ZF powertrain...
07-01-2021 21:54

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