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Volvo Cuts Diesel From New S60, Further Commits To Electrifi

When the Volvo S60 arrives later this spring it will not offer a diesel powertain, a move the automaker says is part of their commitment to a “long-...
22-05-2018 22:01

2019 Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster: Ragtop Middle Child Debuts

The 2019 Mercedes AMG GT S Roadster is regarded as the middle child in the AMG GT family. It is equipped with the same burly and turbocharged AMG V8 m...
22-05-2018 22:01

2019 BMW M5 Competition Raises M5 Bar Considerably

Question: What’s better than a BMW M5" Answer: The 2019 BMW M5 Competition. Think of it as an M5 only more so. Whatever the “normal” M5 has, the...
21-05-2018 22:04

Can We Trust Autonomous Cars" AutoSens Detroit Examines

What is an autonomous car" It seems easy enough ? a vehicle that operates itself ? but a recent study found some confusion. Fewer than half correctly ...
18-05-2018 22:09

2018 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Platinum Review

The Toyota Highlander looks like it could tackle some rough terrain, but it?s better suited for a family?s rough use. The Hybrid model is ideal for ge...
17-05-2018 22:06

Ford To Resume F-150 Production After Extraordinary Efforts

Despite a massive fire at the Meridian Magnesium Products facility in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, Ford’s Dearborn Truck Plant will resume F-150 producti...
17-05-2018 22:06

Letter From The UK: Lost In England (In An Audi SQ7)

England is a small country, yet the biggest of the four that make up the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The others don?t like u...
16-05-2018 22:02

Autonomous Driving Discussions Peak In Detroit As AutoSens R

AutoSens, a global summit on autonomous driving, is underway in Detroit, Michigan. Following a successful outing at AutoSens Brussels, organizers have...
16-05-2018 22:02

2019 Honda Insight Production Launches In Indiana, New Inves

Honda has announced a $61.5 million dollar capital investment in Indiana and Ohio for electric vehicle manufacturing. The news comes as 2019 Insight p...
15-05-2018 22:05

VW Golf GTI TCR Concept Might Be Coming Soon

Volkswagen has unveiled the Golf GTI TCR Concept, something the automaker says is an expression of design, power, and performance. This special editio...
14-05-2018 22:07

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk Review

Why did Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climb Mount Everest" Because they could. Why did Jeep build the new Grand Cherokee Trackhawk" Because th...
14-05-2018 22:07

Global Summit On Autonomous Driving Returns To Detroit

AutoSens, a global summit on autonomous driving, is returning to Detroit, Michigan starting on May 15th. Attendees, speakers, sponsors, and participan...
12-05-2018 22:01

The Hyundai LAFESTA Is An Alright Car, But The Marketing Cou

Hey all you go-gettin’ red hot Chinese Millennials, Hyundai has got the car for you: LAFESTA (all caps)! This is a Chinese-market-only sedan that co...
11-05-2018 22:04

Aston Martin V12 Vantage V600: The Golden Eyes

Back in 1998, the Aston Martin V8 Vantage V600 was (briefly) the most powerful car you could buy. And now, 20 years later, the Gaydon outfit has seen ...
11-05-2018 22:04

New Study: Interest Growing For Electric Vehicles, Range Anx

The American Automobile Association or AAA has revealed their top green vehicle picks, and released a survey that shows Americans are warming up to el...
11-05-2018 22:04

New Study Reveals Disconnect Between Industry & Public

During high school, lunchtime was really “debate incessantly about cars until sixth period begins.” Seriously. But those debates were remarkably s...
10-05-2018 22:03

Audi Vehicles Can “Talk” With Traffic Lights In

Traffic Light Information is now available in two more cities – Phoenix and areas of Kansas City, Kansas, Audi of America has announced. As of March...
10-05-2018 22:03

2018 Nissan Kicks Arrives: A Brief Walk Around

The Nissan Kicks was unveiled last year during the Los Angeles Auto Show as the sixth member of the company’s SUV and crossover lineup. Nissan?s sal...
10-05-2018 22:03

Most Common Road Accidents & What to Do After a Crash

Similar to death and taxes, road accidents are an unfortunate part of life, especially on today?s highly-congested roads. Our buddies at Your Legal Fr...
09-05-2018 22:05

Subaru Ascent Production Begins In Indiana

The Subaru Ascent, the company’s new three-row SUV, is one step closer to the showroom as production is now underway. Subaru?s Lafayette, Indiana pl...
08-05-2018 22:08

Ford Is Pounding The Daylights Out of The New Ranger (Video)

Ford is pounding the tar out of the new Ranger, set to arrive early next year. In the last few years, midsize trucks have made quite the comeback, evi...
08-05-2018 22:08

BMW Teams With Virgin Hyperloop One For Dubai Hyperloop Pass

They’ve rolled out the prototype design for a Dubai passenger capsule that will run in the desert fiefdom’s Virgin Hyperloop mag-lev high-speed â€...
08-05-2018 22:08

2018 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring Review

Honda hasn?t given up on the sedan market like other American automakers, as the popular Accord four-door has been completely redesigned for 2018. Is ...
07-05-2018 22:06

Inside The 2019 Lexus ES: Can It Compete With Germany"

The latest Lexus ES recently debuted at Auto China 2018 in Beijing. That placement is significant, insofar as it is another example of just how import...
06-05-2018 22:07

Mercedes-Benz Overcomes Having To Read The Owner’s Man

The owner’s manual, that collection of writings concealed forever in the glovebox, might now be destined for the great hall of automotive fossils. I...
05-05-2018 22:03

The Brabham BT62 Might Have Just Declared War On Everyone

Well this is a nasty looking piece of kit right here. Greetings to the new Brabham BT62. Yes, it is (sadly) a track-only car, but what a car it is. Th...
05-05-2018 22:03

2018 Hagerty Hot List of Future Collector Cars

It?s a known fact that new vehicles will start losing value as soon as you drive off the lot. This is the reason why some prefer to lease rather than ...
05-05-2018 22:03

Toyota Research Institute Building Autonomous Vehicle Test T

The Toyota Research Institute (TRI) has filed construction permits for a 60-acre site at Michigan Technical Resource Park (MITRP) in Ottawa Lake. TRI ...
05-05-2018 22:03

Older Brother Does Something With His Life: 2019 Chevy Subur

These days American automotive shoppers are hungry for two things: SUVs and special editions of those SUVs. Meet the Chevy Suburban with the new RST P...
04-05-2018 21:59

Jaguar XE SV Project 8: Look Out Everyone! (Especially Germa

Alright all you Bahn-burners, Merc pilots, Beemer drivers, and Audi flyers, Jaguar is here to say, “Not so fast, chaps!” The Jaguar XE SV Project ...
04-05-2018 21:59

Magna & Innoviz Technologies To Supply BMW Group With L

Magna and Innoviz Technologies will supply BMW Group with solid-state LiDAR solutions as the automaker moves toward autonomous vehicle production. LiD...
04-05-2018 21:59

2019 Mazda CX-3 Arrives: A Brief Walk Around

The 2019 Mazda CX-3 is on its way, complete with refinements that, according to the automaker, enhance performance and efficiency. Overall, we have en...
04-05-2018 21:59

2019 Toyota Corolla Hatchback: Marketing Jargon For Days

Wait, what year is this, 1985" Toyota is trumpeting their new hatchback" People still make hatchbacks as separate and notable things" I thought having...
04-05-2018 21:59

Toyota Invests In Mississippi Plant, New Facilities & J

With spring in the air, all sorts of plants are beginning to grow and that includes plants of the automotive manufacturing variety. This is the case i...
02-05-2018 22:02

Letter From The UK: Is It All About Brexit"

UK Car Production Down: But Is It All About Brexit" I receive many messages in my burgeoning email inbox. Some of them I don?t want to read because t...
02-05-2018 22:02

Subaru of America Delivers Nine-Millionth Vehicle To Arkansa

Subaru of America, Inc. recently hit a milestone, selling their nine-millionth vehicle in the United States. Adventure Subaru in Fayetteville, Arkansa...
01-05-2018 22:06

Distracted Driving Kills: And It’s A Worldwide Problem

The data is conclusive. Distracted driving is dangerous and can increase your chances of getting involved in a potentially debilitating or life-threat...
01-05-2018 22:06

2018 Fiat 500X Blue Sky Edition Arrives

The Blue Sky Edition has joined the 2018 Fiat 500X lineup, giving fans another way to show off their style and personality. Available on Fiat 500X Pop...
01-05-2018 22:06

Volvo S90 Ambience Concept: Magic Carpet Ride

“In England and Europe, we have this huge music called ambient – ambient techno, ambient house, ambient hip-hop, ambient this, ambient that,” sa...
30-04-2018 22:10

Automoblog Book Garage: The John Deere Century

Growing up in rural Iowa I was subjected to many a debates over Ford, Chevy, and Dodge trucks. There were guys in my high school who fondly preferred ...
29-04-2018 22:06

2019 Honda Fit Arrives: A Brief Walk Around

The 2019 Honda Fit will arrive at dealerships beginning Monday April 30th. The lineup is expansive with options to fancy every taste, from the entry-l...
28-04-2018 22:01

Chapter 4: Leaving Palm Springs

The Future In Front of Me, The Past Behind Me is a gasoline-fueled narrative by automotive journalist Tony Borroz. It details the joys, thrills, and e...
28-04-2018 22:01

2019 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4X4 Review

The newly-remodeled 2019 Jeep Cherokee still provides unparalleled off-road capability, V6 power, and superior towing capacity, making it undeniably a...
28-04-2018 22:01

Inside The Volkswagen I.D. R Pikes Peak

Racing improves the breed. That is a known truth in both horse and automotive racing. I have long maintained the best way to improve and market electr...
27-04-2018 22:07

Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury: Jurassic Ark

What is this thing" Mercedes says it’s a crossover based on an exclusive high-end sedan and an SUV. I can kind of take their word for it. I can also...
26-04-2018 22:01

McLaren North America Delivers 5,000th Vehicle

McLaren North America recently celebrated the delivery of its 5,000th car in the North American market. The milestone machine, a Silica White 570S Spi...
26-04-2018 22:01

Volvo Expands Electrification Commitment, Focuses On China

Volvo Cars wants fully electric vehicles to consist of half their lineup by 2025. The announcement builds on Volvo’s commitment last year that all n...
26-04-2018 22:01

Nissan Reports Growing Demand For Leaf EV

The Nissan Leaf is seeing robust growth across all major electric vehicle markets, including Japan, Europe, and the United States. The automaker is re...
25-04-2018 22:09

2019 Cadillac XT4 Aimed At “Next Generation” of

Cadillac goes small. I know, for a lot of people, that’s a bad thing to read. Remember when Caddy put out the Catera and the Cimarron" Yeah, those w...
25-04-2018 22:09

Amazon Now Delivers To Late Model GM Vehicles

Amazon Key is now available nationwide to some seven million owners of eligible Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicles. Amazon Key allows packag...
25-04-2018 22:09

Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY Set For Global Debut

The Jaguar I-PACE eTROPHY race car will make its global debut in Berlin ahead of the ABB FIA Formula E-Prix, with a demonstration lap planned for Satu...
24-04-2018 22:04

2018 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid SE AWD Review

If you want efficiency, the RAV4 Hybrid is a fuel-stingy model for urban commuters. Don?t think that hybrid means slow on the go either. It?s peppy a...
22-04-2018 21:59

Polestar 1 Heading To China After Intense Testing

Test drivers and engineers recently spent two weeks in the freezing temperatures north of the Artctic Circle. The job" Put a Polestar 1 prototype thro...
21-04-2018 22:01

New Study: Pet Owners Worry About Safety, Can Automakers Res

Here at this publication, we love animals as much as we love cars. However, a new study from Volvo found some pet owners are hesitant to take a road t...
21-04-2018 22:01

2018 Ford F-150: EPA Figures Announced For Power Stroke Dies

Earlier this year, Ford revealed the performance specs for the F-150?s first 3.0-liter Power Stroke diesel engine. At the time, fuel economy ratings f...
20-04-2018 22:04

Infiniti Promises New Models, Manufacturing, Electrification

Infiniti has announced plans to build five new vehicles in China in the next five years, beginning with the QX50 crossover. The news comes ahead of th...
20-04-2018 22:04

Chapter 3: Teslas In The Middle of Nowhere

The Future In Front of Me, The Past Behind Me is a gasoline-fueled narrative by automotive journalist Tony Borroz. It details the joys, thrills, and e...
20-04-2018 22:04

Will Kia’s Wireless EV Charging System Change The Worl

Kia has come up with a rather nifty wireless charging system for EVs and, honestly, this sounds pretty cool. As anyone who has ever messed with tangle...
19-04-2018 22:03

Chevrolet Cars Set For “Restyled” Faces

Coherency. Coherency is a good thing, especially when it comes to corporate brands and styling. Ideally, you want everything you make to have it. Take...
19-04-2018 22:03

Buick Enspire Concept Debuts In China

The Buick Enspire all-electric concept SUV has made its global debut in China, billed as an exploration of the brand’s design ideas and innovative t...
18-04-2018 22:11

Letter From The UK: Influencing & The Art of Selling Ca

Gather round and harken unto this tale of woe . . . A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of a brand new Audi A6 saloon to enjoy and discuss for seve...
18-04-2018 22:11

2019 Honda Odyssey Arrives: A Brief Walk Around

Families looking to upgrade their daily commuter may find a likely candidate in the 2019 Honda Odyssey. Honda’s top-selling minivan has arrived at d...
17-04-2018 22:00

2019 Genesis G70 Launched In Russia

The 2019 Genesis G70 is headed to the Russian market following a recent ceremony at The Museum of Moscow. Over 500 guests and influencers joined the G...
16-04-2018 22:01

2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring AWD Review

The Mazda CX-5 is a driver-focused vehicle meant to deliver a different experience than your average small SUV. We think it offers a more satisfying ...
16-04-2018 22:01

Chapter 2: Talking With Bob At Lulu’s

The Future In Front of Me, The Past Behind Me is a gasoline-fueled narrative by automotive journalist Tony Borroz. It details the joys, thrills, and e...
14-04-2018 22:05

Toyota & Alabama A&M University Partner On Mobilit

Toyota Motor North America and Alabama A&M University (AAMU) are launching a â€śstudent-led mobility initiative,” which aims to strengthen the areaâ...
14-04-2018 22:05

New Dodge Durango Package Keeps Departed Era Alive

The Dodge Durango is one of the most underrated SUVs of our time. I’ve said this before, but ?grown ups” who still love performance or muscle cars...
14-04-2018 22:05

Land Rover “Draws” Massive Defender Outline At 9

So Land Rover has been in the truck-making game for 70 years now. That’s an impressive string, especially when you consider what the British automot...
12-04-2018 22:05

Global Ford Focus Introduced; Inspires New Product Developme

Take a new product development process, mix in human-centered design and customer feedback, and toss in a dash of new technology and simmer until tend...
11-04-2018 22:07

New Chevy Silverado HD To Arrive Next Year

Chevrolet announced the new Silverado HD will debut next year as a 2020 model. The forthcoming HD will be the third entirely new Silverado in just 18 ...
11-04-2018 22:07

Lotus Exige Cup 430 Type 25: The “Collector?s Piece

Okay, I am being totally serious here: I think Lotus is messing with us. They have put out so many “special” editions that I am starting to doubt ...
11-04-2018 22:07

A Brief Walk Through The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta Lineup

Volkswagen has released complete pricing information and trim level content for the 2019 Jetta. Based off VW’s MQB platform, the 2019 Jetta made its...
10-04-2018 22:02

2019 Chevy Camaro Lineup Gets Refreshed

The 2019 Chevy Camaro lineup is getting a slight overhaul with new designs and updated tech and performance features. The automaker says the changes r...
10-04-2018 22:02

2018 Dodge Challenger GT AWD Review

The 2018 Dodge Challenger GT is a worthy Mopar and its main competition is the Mustang and Camaro. It has handsome good looks, handles well for a mus...
07-04-2018 22:02

Ford Issues Two Safety Recalls: F-150, Expedition, Mustang,

Ford is issuing a safety recall in North America for approximately 350,000 2018 F-150 and 2018 Expedition vehicles with 10-speed automatic transmissio...
07-04-2018 22:02

2018 New York International Auto Show Roundup

A New York tradition is the annual car show, always held during Easter week in the Big Apple. You may think of Manhattan and its surrounding boroughs ...
07-04-2018 22:02

2019 Hyundai Kona Electric: Compact, Efficient & Strong

There’s no word on how much Hyundai will ask for their new 2019 Kona Electric, but you have to guess it would be cheaper than a Tesla Model X. The M...
06-04-2018 22:05

Chapter 1: Setting Off From Sierra Vista

I’m in the middle of the southern Arizona desert blasting north at 75 miles an hour. I’m at that rise, just beyond the Boarder Patrol checkpoint, ...
06-04-2018 22:05

2019 Toyota Yaris Sedan: Mid-Premium Goodness

Here is the 2019 Toyota Yaris sedan . . . wait, they make a Yaris sedan" Why would you make a Yaris sedan" At this point, why would you make a Yaris" ...
06-04-2018 22:05

Can The 2019 Kia K900 Compete Against The Europeans"

Here it is, the 2019 Kia K900. A car that un-ironically uses words like “classically drawn exterior” and “gravity of prestige” to describe its...
05-04-2018 22:08

2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Arrives: What You Need To Know

The 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell is now at select Honda dealerships in California. The Clarity Fuel Cell joins a growing lineup of Honda electrified v...
05-04-2018 22:08

Letter From The UK: Days of Thunder Gone Forever

If ever this writer needed a reason to move lock, stock, and barrel to the United States it is this: In Europe, very soon, the Subaru WRX STI will be...
04-04-2018 22:08

2019 Mazda CX-3: Sign of The Times"

Mazda recently introduced its updated CX-3 subcompact crossover before journalists at the New York International Auto Show. The CX-3 looks just like t...
04-04-2018 22:08

AI & Auto Safety: Separating Reality From Fantasy

If you?re not tired of hearing the term ?artificial intelligence? yet, you will be soon. That?s because few buzzwords have been so ubiquitous – or c...
04-04-2018 22:08

2019 Subaru Forester: Little Bit Bigger, Little Bit Better

Is it just me, or is the Subaru Forester getting bigger" They used to be this more upright wagon that was about the same size as the Outback (more or ...
04-04-2018 22:08

2019 Genesis G70 Looks To Establish Brand’s Longevity

You know, Hyundai – okay, okay Genesis, sorry – might really be onto something here. Hyundais are, generally speaking, well made, fantastically pr...
03-04-2018 22:05

Inside The 2019 Acura RDX

The 2019 Acura RDX, which recently debuted at the New York International Auto Show, sees the most extensive overhaul to its platform in a decade. For ...
03-04-2018 22:05

2018 GMC Yukon XL Denali Review

If you need a full-size SUV, built on a truck chassis, ready to tow a trailer, and haul large amounts of cargo with nine-passengers, there aren?t ma...
02-04-2018 22:12

Want Your Next Lexus To Start" Lick The Steering Wheel.

Auto shows can be crazy places with half-thought out ideas all over the place. Gyroscope-stabilized briefcase warmers for the back seat. Cop cars with...
01-04-2018 22:08

2019 Lexus UX: At Home In Any Concrete Paradise

The 2019 Lexus UX, the SUV/crossover for well-heeled Urban eXplorers (get it") just hit the stage at this year’s New York International Auto Show. T...
31-03-2018 22:06

Memory Lane: “Stinks Like Cheese In Here” &

Allow me to carry your suitcase, sir! I?m getting hot under the collar. I have to pick up the Director of the Department of Agriculture from a neighb...
31-03-2018 22:06

Maserati Levante Trofeo: Not Your “Normal” SUV.

Although they are prime commodities and hot sellers, it’s sometimes easy to dismiss SUVs and crossovers as boring and mundane. Maserati is hoping â€...
31-03-2018 22:06

2019 Hyundai Santa Fe: The Most Amazing Girl In School

I’ve always had a crush on the Hyundai Santa Fe. It’s like I am back during those awkward early high school years. My chubby cheeks and braces hav...
31-03-2018 22:06

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Ordering Now Open

The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt was inspired by the Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT fastback Steve McQueen piloted in Bullitt now 50 years ago. As winter...
30-03-2018 22:05

Fiat Goes For Extra Flare With 500 Urbana Edition

“Fiat named one of their cars after a college town in Illinois"” I hear you asking. No, not at all, my monolinguistic friend. Urbana is the Italia...
30-03-2018 22:05

Lamborghini Huracán Peformante Spyder Comes To North America

Hey! All you New Yorkers! Get down to the New York International Auto Show and take a gander at the Lamborghini Huracán Performante Spyder. It’s the...
30-03-2018 22:05

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept: A Serious Contender&qu

In some ways, VW’s Atlas Cross Sport Concept is just that: A concept vehicle at an auto show loaded with gee-wiz features. In a lot of other ways, t...
30-03-2018 22:05

How Many Easter Eggs Can Your Favorite HD Truck Haul

If I could offer one nugget of advice for the Easter Bunny (assuming he’s reading) it would be to ditch the basket and get a truck. While the basket...
29-03-2018 22:09

2019 Kia Sedona: Ready For The Fam

Families that need to haul the kids, grandparents, pets, sports equipment, hiking gear, and even the kitchen sink will likely find the 2019 Kia Sedona...
29-03-2018 22:09

2018 Audi RS 5: The Big Boost RS

In Audi lingo, all their cars are named A-something. You’ve got your A4s and A6s and such. If you want the performance models, that A gets changed t...
29-03-2018 22:09

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Maven Expands Car-Sharing Services To Atlanta

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2017 Toyota Sienna FWD Tested: Hanging in The...

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2018 Lincoln Continental in Depth: Relaxed Lo...

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